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Dr.Ranade Interview

Prof.Em.Dr.Subhash Ranade & Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Ranade are World renowned Ayurvedic academicians, Ayurvedic Physicians and Researchers. Their aim of life is propagation of Ayurveda and they do this as Karma Yoga.      Read More... 

International Academy of Ayurved ( and BAMS Association ( India had jointly organized for the first time World conference on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy and Unani systems of Indian Medicine and Arogya Expo in Pune.1200 delegates around the world attended the conferece.Huge success.  









Itinerary of Travel-2013

April 2013 to June 28 2013

Prof.Dr.Subhash Ranade and Dr. Mrs.Sunanda Ranade

April 7 to 9 – Invited by Maharshi Ayurveda Clinic at Bad Ems by Mr. Lothar Pirc and Dr. Jennifer Pirc

April 12 to 18 – Invited by Laura Pires of Rio De Janerio, Brasil for Lectures and consultations. Two days seminar on Womens Health by Dr. Sunanda Ranade.

April 20 to 21 – Invited by Dr. Jose Rugue of Suddha Dharma Mandalam, Brazil. Two days Ayurvedic Seminar at Brasilia.

April 27 – 28 - Two days Seminar by Dr. Sunanda and Dr. Subhash Ranade at Uberlandia in Shuddha Dharma Mandal, of Dr. Jose Rugue.

April 29 to May 5 – Opening of New Ayurveda Center at Panama, Central America.

May 5 to June 23 – Visiting various Ayurvedic Centers in USA

June 23 to 26 – Visit to Bad Vielbel, Germany.

June 28 –Back to India


Felicitation of Prof.Dr.Subhash Ranade at Maharashtra Ayurved Sammelan ( Congress )

Felicitation of Prof. Subhash Ranade at NANDED , Maharashtra , India

Emeritus Prof.Dr.Subhash Ranade receives Prestigious International Dhanvantari Award

Inauguration of International Seminar on Hair and Beauty at the hands of Actress Madhura Velankar

Launching of Ayurvedic Cooling Oil by Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade in Hyderabad

International Seminar on Hair and Skin Care

Prof.Em.Dr.Subhash Ranade Graced the Annual Convocation Ceremony in Tel Aviv

Ayurvedic Hair Fall control oil launched in South India ( R & D by IAA )

IAA launches Online Herbology Course

IAA appoints Dr. Eran Magon in Tel Aviv as IN CHARGE of Exchange Program