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Dr.Ranade Interview

Prof.Em.Dr.Subhash Ranade & Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Ranade are World renowned Ayurvedic academicians, Ayurvedic Physicians and Researchers. Their aim of life is propagation of Ayurveda and they do this as Karma Yoga.      Read More... 









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Ayurved is the traditional Indian healing science which is still practiced in many parts of the world. Many scientists and enthusiastic people from various countries are now turning to this because they are not getting enough benefits from the systems available in their countries like Europe, the United States, Japan, and many others are now using this wonderful ancient healing system. The holistic science of Ayurved is a key to health. It helps to prevent diseases, achieve longevity and provides treatment for various acute and chronic diseases.

About the Academy
The International Academy of Ayurved (IAA) was established in Pune in 1996 by Dr. Subhash Ranade Dr. Sunanda Ranade . for the propagation of this ancient wisdom. The main objectives of the Academy are to conduct Ayurvedic courses and to publish literature for the proper promotion of Ayurved. The Academy has already published many useful books on the subjects of Ayurved: Panchakrama , Prof. Subhash Ranade and Dr. Qutub), History and  Philosophy of Ayurved, Yogasutras of Patanjali, Secrets of Marma & Ayurvedic Indian cooking (Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Ranade) and is also offering possibilities for undergoing training of Ayurved, including theory and practical.

About the Courses
This Academy offers Online courses in Ayurveda and Online course on Herbology through it's partner

After completion of the online Basic Ayurveda course you can join various courses in Ayurved. Those who show good excellence in the study can undergo further training in different fields depending on their choice. This Academy offers a series of courses like Advanced Practical Training in Panchakarma, Marma Therapy, Herbology, Ayurvedic Pharmacology, Indian Ayurvedic Cooking, Alchemy (the science of Bhasmas) and Ayurvedic Rituals.

Course timings and starting 

All courses start on the first Monday of the month. the teaching will be done from Monday to Friday, 2 and 1/2 hours in the morning and 2 and 1/2 hours in the evening. Whenever possible, excursion tours will be conducted on Saturdays.

About the Faculty
Ayurved has many different traditions in India and each has its own specialty. Our Academy is proud to have various faculty members who have vast experience from all of the traditions: hence students coming to the Academy receive the opportunity to experience the many different styles practiced throughout India. Students will also benefit from the staff's vast clinical experience. All of our staff members practice at clinics in and around Pune.

Students from Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Swiss, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Chile Canada, United States, have gained experience at this Academy.

Presently there are many institutes in these countries which are organizing Ayurved diploma courses. Students completing such courses at Seva Academy (Germany), California College of Ayurved, Grass Valley, CA, the American Institute of Vedic Studies Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) have benefited from the courses set up by the International Academy of Ayurved. 
About Pune
The historical city of Pune is both a prestigious educational center and major industrial center. Pune is situated about 4000 feet above sea level and the climate in Pune is very pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15-25C (excluding the months of April and May ). 

Students from 8 countries with
the teaching faculty - Jan ' 99.